Covid-19 Guidelines

During this time when the world is working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Lake Front Dental Spa is committed to the safety and well-being of our clients and staff. 

Please note that these Covid-19 Guidelines only applies to data and rules enforced by the CDC & ADA.

  • Face coverings are mandatory upon entry of the practice (& required by the building)

  • We take the Temperature of everyone who enters the practice.

  • We require our patients to visit our Hand Sanitizing station upon entry and put on gloves to complete any required paperwork.

  • We require all patients to read and sign a screening form that specifically asks travel history, current symptoms and exposure to reduce risk.

  • We are a By Appointment only Office.  This means patient appointments are spaced so that you are the only patient scheduled at that time.

  • We have Medical Grade Air Purifiers in both the front and back of the office.  These purifiers are constantly cleaning the air of harmful particles.

  • We practice and reinforce hand washing regularly among employees.

  • Our staff wears the appropriate PPE at all times.  This includes: N95 mask, surgical mask, Hair cover, glasses, Face Shields, Gowns and Gloves.

  • Before every procedure, each patient must rinse with our Pre-rinse, which is Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide.  This reduces the number of microorganisms in the mouth, therefore reducing how much is released during the procedure.  This helps to reduce risk of exposure for everyone.

  • We use Medical grade cleaning products (approved to kill 99.9% of all microorganisms, including the Human Coronavirus) to thoroughly clean and sterilize our rooms and instruments between patients.

  • We will allow time between patients for the room to completely sterilize and for the air to be cleansed.

  • Lastly, We have equipment that helps to reduce the amount of aerosol during procedures.